About the teaching and didactics model “Pantopoulos Teaching Project”

Advanced Teaching Models for teachers and trainers

Pantopoulos Teaching Projectis a comprehensive Teaching tool for teachers of all disciplines, business executives and educators of various disciplines. It focuses on exploring learners’ learning needs and it is the product of a course of nearly three decades (1990-today) in the field of education, business consulting, and education for seventeen years in Teaching Schools for educators in Greece and abroad between 1990-2007.


The program “My name is Teacher” originally (2012) was launched as part of a science project on millenial’s relationship with learning via the Internet. In the first phase of the project we have created an Asynchronous E-Learning Platform or -more simply- an environment of free-thinking and open-mindedness about the scientific subject of the philology.

Today the project has expanded to include many new areas of the wider educational space for pupils, students, teachers and parents (education, e-learning, teaching, learning difficulties, vocational guidance, educational counseling, schooling, parenting, etc), as well as in other scientific subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Foreign Languages), but also in areas outside of formal education, such as Counseling Didactics for teachers of all specialties, the Communication Didactics for Business Executives, and Security Didactics for VIP Executives.

We warmly thank you for the support you give us and we reward the morals and the sensitivity of the people who believed in our scientific and pedagogical work!

Fotis Pantopoulos